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Webcast Replay - The Road Ahead: An Equity Investor’s Take on Rates

October 2014

The "smart money" has been betting that rates are going higher in a hurry. However, Portfolio Manager Jim Lydotes argues that the market has grossly misjudged the rate at which this will happen. Listen to Jim poke holes in some of the most popular bullish economic indicators, point out real obstacles to Fed rate hikes, and pinpoint when a rise in rates could finally play out.
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Liquid Alternatives

July 2014

Portfolio Manager Matt Griffin recently participated in an panel on Liquid Alternatives, where he discussed topics such as the potential benefits for investors and risk management.
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Welcome to The Boston Company

Welcome to The Boston Company

At the Boston Company Asset Management, LLC, our main focus is on our clients. We are a global, performance-driven investment management firm with a collaborative, entrepreneurial spirit. We are committed to providing creative investment solutions for our clients, backed by top-notch fundamental and quantitative research. Download our Firm Overview Brochure

Thumbnail - Third-Quarter Earnings Season: Checking the Rear-View Mirror and Looking Through the Windshield

Third-Quarter Earnings Season: Checking the Rear-View Mirror and Looking Through the Windshield

October 2014

Profit and revenue forecasts are an important fundamental gauge of a company's health and future prospects, and many of them are issued during quarterly earnings season. In this paper, Brian C. Ferguson, senior portfolio manager at The Boston Company, evaluates the lessons learned from the previous period and details his expectations for the next one, identifying three themes that will likely emerge in third-quarter reports.
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Thumbnail - A Blueprint for Investing in Infrastructure Themes

A Blueprint for Investing in Infrastructure Themes

September 2014

After years of neglect stemming from government austerity and inattention, the world's infrastructure is in dire need of an upgrade. With roads and bridges requiring repair and transit routes ripe for expansion, some investors are constructing portfolios to profit from these global needs. James A. Lydotes, CFA, portfolio manager of The Boston Company's Global Infrastructure Dividend Focus Equity strategy, Jason Gibson and Brock Campbell, CFA, analysts on The Boston Company's Global Research team, outline some potential ways to get in on the ground floor.
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Thumbnail - Global Manufacturing: The End of China’s Golden Age?

Global Manufacturing: The End of China’s Golden Age?

September 2014

China's rise to global economic stalwart has astonished many, and the country's manufacturing industry has been among the dominant drivers of this explosive growth. Since the mid-2000s, however, the industry has faced several challenges, including wage inflation and rising raw-material costs, which have eroded its competitive advantages. In this paper, Derek Thieme, Senior Research Analyst, and John D. Connolly, Writer, analyze the implications that a flight of manufacturing from China will have on the country's future economic growth and dissect the resulting strategic options for multinational corporations.
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Thumbnail - Wolves in Sheep’s Clothing

Wolves in Sheep’s Clothing: Hidden Risks in Dividend Portfolios

September 2014

Over the past few years, U.S. dividend-paying stocks have surged in popularity among investors, who are looking to generate income in a low-rate environment and to increase their U.S. equity exposure in a defensive way. But many have chased this bond-proxy trade without fully considering the associated risks. John C. Bailer, CFA, S. Joel Mittelman, CFA, CPA, and Brock Campbell, CFA, outline three potential underappreciated risks and how to mitigate them.
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