Welcome to The Boston Company

Welcome to The Boston Company

At the Boston Company Asset Management, LLC, our main focus is on our clients. We are a global, performance-driven investment management firm with a collaborative, entrepreneurial spirit. We are committed to providing creative investment solutions for our clients, backed by top-notch fundamental and quantitative research. Download our Firm Overview Brochure

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Liquid Alternatives

July 2014

Portfolio Manager Matt Griffin recently participated in an asset.tv panel on Liquid Alternatives, where he discussed topics such as the potential benefits for investors and risk management.
Watch a highlights reel of his appearance here (6:17)
Watch the full program here (50:52)


For more information on our liquid alternative offering, the Dreyfus Research Long/Short Equity Fund, please visit Dreyfus.com.

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Wolves in Sheep’s Clothing: Hidden Risks in Dividend Portfolios

September 2014

Over the past few years, U.S. dividend-paying stocks have surged in popularity among investors, who are looking to generate income in a low-rate environment and to increase their U.S. equity exposure in a defensive way. But many have chased this bond-proxy trade without fully considering the associated risks. John C. Bailer, CFA, S. Joel Mittelman, CFA, CPA, and Brock Campbell, CFA, outline three potential underappreciated risks and how to mitigate them.
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The Dual Advantage of Long/Short Equity

July 2014

Asset allocation in the current investment climate presents several challenges. Fixed-income yields around the world have reached historic lows making prospective returns unattractive, yet investors moving into equities face greater volatility. Chuck Cook, Portfolio Strategist and 21-year veteran of the bond market, examines why adding an allocation to a liquid alternative strategy like long/short equity is one solution to the risk/return dilemma.
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